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6 amazing women proving yachting is no longer a man’s world

Thursday 8th March 2018
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Not too many years ago if someone was asked to name a female yacht designer, it would have been tricky to think of even one. Now times are changing and it isn’t just in design. Women have been making their mark across the industry and they’re making a big impact. In honour of International Women’s Day, we have been catching up with a few of the fabulous women in the business to find out how they got into yachting, why they are so passionate about it and whether they feel happiest on land or on the water.

Pascale Reymond: Managing Director of Reymond Langton Design

What is it about the yachting industry you are passionate about?
People working in this industry are very passionate about what they do and this is very contagious.

What is the favourite design you’ve completed?
It would have to be 91m Lady Lara exterior styling and Mogambo for the interior.

What are three of your most proud achievements?
• Setting up Reymond Langton Design
• Winning Serene, a 134m yacht contract without having any yachts completed at the time to show
• 75% of our workforce are women and I am very proud to promote all these super talented persons in the yachting industry

Tell us something about you that might surprise us?
I am a qualified archaeologist and have done many excavations in Italy, France, and the most disturbing one was in the heart of a 12th-century church where I was surrounded by many ancient bodies.

When are you most content – on the water or on land?
On my paddle board, at my beach hut in the south of France which is literally 2 metres away from the most wonderful turquoise water.

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6 amazing women proving yachting is no longer a man’s world

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