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Project Orchid completes sea trials!

Monday 20th July 2015
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Project Orchid has successfully concluded her sea trials in the Baltic Sea under perfect weather conditions. Her final delivery is planned for late summer 2015. Reymond Langton Design have been responsible for the interior and exterior design of Project Orchid.

The Exterior of Project Orchid is designed around creating a harmonious balance.

From a distance, the sweeping curves and elegant proportions give the vessel a feminine beauty, whilst moving closer allows the strong, masculine details to emerge; sharp lines define the strong, sculptural surfaces that have been carefully styled to create a sharp contrast of highlight and shadow that lends the superstructure a unique form that subtly changes in different lights as the sun moves across the sky.

The balance and proportion of the yacht’s profile also allows for generous exterior decks with a range of options for guests to enjoy, from sun-drenched, open entertainment areas to more sheltered, intimate, formal spaces.

Project Orchid completes sea trials!

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